A Guided Tour of Your Chakra Issues

In our last episode, chakra shit: is that an energy wheel or are you just happy to see me? I took a lot of notes. I mean A LOT. So much so that the first draft made Rosalie go Ummmmm, Jillian? I don’t think we’re teaching a class here. Yeah, it was a little much. But there was good juicy stuff in there! Especially the information I had gathered about how to tell if you’ve got issues with your chakra. And the idea of the blog post was born (actually, the idea was born in the middle of the episode, as you might have heard!).

So, get ready for a guided tour of your chakra issues!

First, before we dive in lets make sure we are on the same page as to what a chakra is. Very simply put, a chakra is a wheel of energy that connects your physical and astral self, and helps you digest energy to nourish your body & self. There are 7 main ones that are typically focused on (and listen to our chakra shit episode to get the low-down on each of them), though there are other chakras that get less attention. Poor little chakras.

Okay. So. As we mentioned in the episode, often we talk about a chakra being “blocked”. However, that’s not really fair to say. What actually happens is those energy wheels get out of balance, and that imbalance can either make them go too fast, or too slow. Depending on which direction it is going (under- or over- active) you will see different issues with your body and your life.

Curious about where you might be imbalanced? Okay, here we go!

1st Chakra Issues: This is your root chakra, which is all about safety and security. When you are stressed about money or financial security, take a look at your 1st chakra.

  • Physical issues: Anxiety, lower back issues, leg issues, low energy/sluggishness, colon issues, prostate issues, constipation

  • Underactive: Depression and insecurity. You’re afraid of life, and of things going wrong with money, and have a general sense of not being safe or having a home base/place in the world.

  • Overactive: Fearlessness without precaution, you wild thang. Too much energy here means you take risks with your life/money/safety.

2nd Chakra Issues: This is your sacral chakra, and has to do with creativity, sexuality, and a lot of your physical emotions

  • Physical issues: Lower back pain, reproductive issues, urinary tract issues

  • Underactive: Issues around sexuality - perhaps you have trouble with orgasms or physical intimacy with others. You also might find yourself not doing a lot of creative work - not that you are “blocked” creatively (that might show up more in your 5th chakra), but that you just aren’t doing your human thang of making stuff, whatever that looks like.

  • Overactive: When you have too much energy going into your 2nd chakra, you can be hypersexual - you might have A LOT of sex. Or might be over-focused on creating things without having balance with the other areas of your life.

3rd Chakra Issues: This is your solar chakra, your power center, and where your strength of will comes from.

  • Physical issues: Digestive issues, pancreas/gallbladder issues

  • Underactive: Low self esteem, difficulties making decisions, lake of drive, not taking charge of your life. Not a surprise when you think about not having energy flow to your power chakra.

  • Overactive: If you have A LOT of energy flowing through your power centers you might be over focused on power and control. You want to be in charge and can be a bit dominant.

4th Chakra Issues: Your fourth chakra is your heart chakra, and is the cradle of love, compassion, and connection to others.

  • Physical issues: Heart disease, heart issues, lung issues.

  • Underactive: Having difficulty making and investing in relationships, perhaps being afraid of rejection and walling yourself off from others. You might carry a lot of grief or have difficulty with empathy. Fear can also hang out here a lot - where fear of safety can be found in your 1st chakra, fears having to do with people, such as judgement from others or rejection might show up in your 4th This can also show up as you being very judgemental of yourself - because you are not giving love to yourself.

  • Overactive: While an underactive 4th chakra can mean holding yourself back from others, an overactive chakra can show up as being overly involved with others. You might be very codependent, and not have a good sense of boundaries. You aren’t good at taking care of yourself, say yes even when it takes away from you, and give too much.

5th Chakra Issues: Journeying now to your throat chakra, this one is all about self-expression. Speaking out for yourself and expressing yourself through creativity are cornerstones of this chakra.

  • Physical issues: Sore throats, thyroid issues, throat issues, mouth & gum issues

  • Underactive: Being timid, afraid of speaking up, being more introverted. You might feel disconnected from your true self.

  • Overactive: Using your voice in unhealthy ways - like gossiping, or being overly critical, condescending or rude. And you’ve got so much energy going out, it can be hard for you to listen to others.

6th Chakra Issues: Now we get to the 3rd eye chakra! This chakra helps you to see - both intuitively/psychically, but also just in general the direction you want to go in line. This is your vision chakra.

  • Physical issues: Eye/vision issues (like blurred vision and eye strain), hearing issues, sinus issues, headaches

  • Underactive: Difficulty with imagination and intuition. Perhaps you're unable to concentrate much or self-reflect.

  • Overactive: When things are too fast in your 6th chakra you might feel like your brain never shuts down, and you might be overly analytical and judgemental. You think A LOT, whether it is daydreams, over-analyzing, or anxious thoughts.

7th Chakra Issues: Last but never least, is your crown chakra. This is the chakra that connects you to the Universe/Divine/Higher Self/God/Goddess and your higher purpose. This is where you connect to enlightenment and a unity with others.

  • Physical issues: Brain, hair, nervous system, skin issues

  • Underactive: Feeling lost and disconnected. And not having that connection to your higher spiritual side, you might find yourself being overly materialistic or even greedy. If you find you have a lack of inspiration, look to this chakra for some healing.

  • Overactive: Feeling less connected to your physical self and more connected to your spiritual self. When it’s in an unhealthy state this can show up as a feeling of superiority over others and a sense of elitism. Or it can also show up as being really spacy and a lack of being grounded and connected to the physical world around you.

And there you have it! A journey through your 7 chakras and the issues they might present. There are lots of ways to approach if you have issues, such as doing yoga, using crystals, oils, exercise, and even positive thinking. But knowing that you have an issue is the first step, the next one is to find the path that fits you best on how to bring healing into your life.

There are many ways to heal, no one solution fits all. As always, do YOUR woo!

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