episode: aura shit: learning to fluff yourself

What is your aura, and why does it matter? Learn how it's the seven-layer-dip of your body and why you should fluff yourself, while Jillian and Rosalie get into the nitty gritty of your soul's mood-ring. Your hosts will take you on a tour of aura-manipulating techniques for all situations, and how maybe you can use your aura for psychic dreams or spiritual body-sculpting.


Witchy Moms instagram: page that really sparked Rosalie’s weekly woo!

Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan: Jillian’s favorite go to book on the aura and energy healing

Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing: a pretty in depth school to help you learn how to be an energy healer

Change Your Aura Change Your Life, by Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis: a great how-to book on how to interact with your aura to, well, change your life


Chakra shit: is that an energy wheel or are you just happy to see me?

Energy shit: the sucking & shoving episode

Ghost shit: cock blocking ghosts are the worst kind of ghosts


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