episode: chakra shit: is that an energy wheel, or are you just happy to see me?

Get ready for a world tour of your seven chakras! What do your chakras have to do with how you poop? Or how good sex can be? In this episode Jillian and Rosalie dive into the nitty AND the gritty, and share how those little rainbow colored energy wheels affect your life and body. Throwing in a buffet of tips, tricks, and stories, they will help you navigate your chakras and how to rev them up - even if you think they are all blocked (spoiler: they’re not). Plus, Jillian gets pretty excited about slipping “vas deferens” into the conversation, and Rosalie gets her chakra shimmy on. All this and more on this episode of Shit My Soul Says.


Fenestra Energy Healing: Tuan Anh is a gifted healer and a sweet spirit, and offers distant energy healings. Her healings are chakra focused, and will often recommend oils you can use to help enhance your healing.

Emily Robinson: Emily is a delight. She runs regular workshops and classes that combine yoga and energy healing. You can also have 1 on 1 sessions with her for energy work, psychic reading, intuitive coaching, and more. And! If all that isn’t enough, she is also a teacher on energy healing and psychic skills.

The Swatches of Chakra deck by Kaleidadope. Deck that Rosalie used to pull her weekly tarot card. And oh goodness are there other cool things on that site...

The Housewives Tarot: Jillian’s deck that she used to pull her weekly tarot.

Clue: A movie that has nothing to do with chakras, but you should watch anyway. And it is free if you have Amazon Prime, so you have no excuse.


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