episode: community shit: finding your woo crew without having to get naked with strangers

If you’re a grounded and skeptical person who’s into woo (or woo-curious), it can be hard to find your woo crew. Jillian finds large woo meetups usually attract peeps ready to fly off to the planet Zotar. And, Rosalie once spent an afternoon being talked at in Klingon in the presence of some nude woo strangers. So how did they find community within the woo world? Rosalie persisted, while Jillian started a cult of her own. Jk. Sort of. Listen in to this latest episode to get practical tips for how to find your woo peeps by flying your woo flag, using astrology as a gateway drug, and farting on fear. Even in Iowa.


Fred Meeink: Guy that is a former skinhead and now has a calling to be of service in anti-racism, that inspired Rosalie

Trust Me: Podcast about cults that Rosalie has been listening to, that introduced her to Fred Meeink

Dear … : Apple TV show Jillian has been inspired by, that has a famous person reading letters from people whose lives they have touched/inspired

Seattle Interfaith Sanctuary: A great inclusive community if you are in the Seattle area - Jillian tried it, loved it, but couldn’t bring herself to go regularly

Eckhart Tolle: Jillian’s favorite spirituality guru that she can’t shut up about

Michael Newton Institute for Lives Between Lives Hypnotherapy Facebook Group: Group Jillian mentions in the podcast that she connects up with others on past life shit

Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck: Deck Jillian pulled this week’s tarot from

Threads of Fate Oracle Deck: Deck Rosalie pulled this week’s tarot from


our soul shit: how we hopped on the woo train

energy protection shit: the sucking and shoving episode

chakra shit:is that an energy wheel, or are you just happy to see me?


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