episode: getting woo with depression: new tools for that same old shit

Jillian and Rosalie are back for their second season of Shit My Soul Says, and they are ready to bring woo to you! In this episode they're taking on depression, an issue that they each deal with through means both mundane and magical. Listen as they dig into the wacky world of depression and share their tips, tricks and tools that you can add to your mental health toolkit, and bring in a little woo to light up the darkness.

Trigger warnings: discussion of or mentions of depression, suicide, trauma, and emotional abuse

Nothing mentioned in this episode construes medical advice. Please always check with your medical provider if you want to change your psych meds or add herbal supplements. Jillian and Rosalie in no way believe that these tools should be used in place of seeing a qualified mental health care professional.

If you feel suicidal, please get help immediately. You can contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/


Suicide Prevention Lifeline: While Rosalie and Jillian are huge proponent of using woo to help you through your life, sometimes woo doesn’t cut it and you need to reach out for help in the darkness. Please seek help if you are living in any dark thoughts. We know they completely and totally suck and are not you. Getting help is a good thing.

Jillian Harrington: Energy Healings, Consultation & Training: Jillian is now open for energy work! If you’d like to get some healing for your depression, or whatever you may be experiencing in life, Jillian is here for you.

Rosalie Forrest: Metaphysical Advising & Tarot Card Readings: Looking to create your own woo approach to what you are working through these days? Or perhaps need a bit of insight to help point you in a good direction? Check out Rosalie’s new website!

Lemon Pig New Year Tradition: Yes, it really is a thing.

Rosalie’s Instagram post of her version of the lemon pig: If you click through to the second image, you can see Roslaie’s apple pig, or apple squirrel? Or apple? What do you think it looks like?

Jillian’s Astrology Year Ahead Tarot Layout: Want to do your own year ahead tarot layout, Jillian shares the spreads she uses in a previous Shit My Soul Says blog post. Here’s not NOT getting the Hermit in your spread. Unless you DO want people out of your face, that good on you.

Connection on anger and depression: The jury may still be out on the anger and depression link, but here are some thoughts on the connection.


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spirit guide episode: psst! The voices in your head are real!


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