episode: getting woo with spells: cast that shit

In their first ever workshop episode, Rosalie takes you through the how's and why's of writing your own spell, while Jillian gets a bit naked - emotionally speaking. Get the rundown of everything from what sorts of spells you can get up to all the way to magical ethics. Not sure where to start? No worries! Rosalie provides the most bare bones spell she could come up with to help get you started.

And whether you plan to light up a little candle on your coffee table or dance naked in the moonlight with witches, Rosalie and Jillian always remind you that the most important thing is to do your woo - because someone else's woo won't always cut it when it comes to making your best magic.

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Rosalie Forrest Metaphysical advising, tarot reading, & more: Rosalie’s website if you want to book an appointment for consultation on creating your own spell

Lee Harris Energy: Jillian’s latest favorite woo person, who gives updates on what is going on with the energy in the world each week

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magic shit: abracadabra-dildo!

crystals shit: if a rock feels like a good rock, it's a good rock

tarot shit: sometimes the cards tell you to fuck off


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