episode: getting woo with work: rockin' the shit out of your job

Whether you have a day job, dream job, or shit job, this episode is for you! Jillian and Rosalie tackle all the tips and tricks to making your work life as woo as possible in this episode. No stone is left unturned! They cover figuring out your soul's purpose, landing a job, the crushing disappointment of having your dream flounder, dealing with coworkers, clients, and customers, and bringing woo to the workplace.


Rosalie Forrest - paranormal investigator!

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Hold Fast to Dreams poem, by Langston Hughes

Melanie Lynskey: Jillian’s Doppelganger, and her first movie Heavenly Creatures with Kate Winslet

Strawberry Quartz: the crystal that will help you figure out your soul purpose!

Care USA: If you want to match Rosalie’s donation for Ukraine!

Natacha Ocean: Jillian’s new favorite person - a finance influencer who is all about living, eating, and moving intuitively and punched up with science. Definitely check out her YouTube channel.


getting woo with spells: cast that shit

getting woo with energy cleaning pt 1: cleanse that shit

energy protection shit: the sucking and shoving episode

crystals shit: if it feels like a good rock, it’s a good rock


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