episode: listener shit - its not the size of the candle but what you do with it that matters

Listeners souls have been talking their own shit, and in this episode, Jillian and Rosalie share some of that woo shit with you. From a story about the Holy Ghost trying to be a new pen pal to questions on how the F to magically deal with the current political crises, Jillian and Rosalie are passing on tales and questions that listeners have been sending in. Do you want to know if it really is the size of the candle that matters, if there is such a thing as too much tarot, or if it is okay to cast a chill out spell on your teenage kid? Then tune on in. And of course, Jillian and Rosalie will also be sharing their perspective on the current shitshow that is US Politics and how they keep themselves from being driven to drink.

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