Get down and dirty with Anger: using your anger to be a brighter you.

After we recorded our listener shit episode where I talked about focusing on putting positive energy out into the world and staying away from anger (because there is so much of it out there), something began nagging at me. I don’t know if it was my spirit guides that were yelling at me or just my own self, but I felt like I needed to speak up about how anger isn’t always something with cooties that must be avoided at all cost. We DO have a lot of anger these days, and just saying you shouldn’t feel it is bullshit. And then, when we had a listener write in with a question that touched on toxic positivity, I knew it was time to say something.

So here’s the deal. Yes, anger can be scary - to other people and to yourself. And anger can get out of control, and bad behavior can follow. And it is easy to get stuck in anger - which I think is why there is too much going on out there world. Fear is being shoved in our face every day, and anger is a natural response to fear. So we get on Facebook or Twitter or TikTok and yell out our anger into the void. And anger shit on everyone.

However. Anger can be a beautiful tool as well. Anger can be hella protective (can really shout - back the fuck off! - when you need it the most), AND it can also help you burn away negative energy, and yes! It does help you feel powerful in the face of fear. I believe that there are two sides of the coin to everything, and anger is no exception.

It took me a long time to discover this. Like many, I grew up being told that anger was wrong and bad, and I had to swallow it and shove it away. I had a lot of very good reasons to be angry as a child, but didn’t have good ways of being able to express it. And so, I turned it inward. I once learned that when you turn anger inward, it turns into depression. So yeah, this whole “war on anger” thing doesn’t really work.

Now, this doesn’t mean we should run around shouting at everyone! I think it is important to respect those around you and not throw your anger shit at them. This is YOUR shit. So make friends with your anger, let it tell you it’s story, and then let it go - don’t hold on to it forever like it’s your precious. Don’t be Gollum.

I kept my anger at arms length for a long time, but when I began receiving energy training from Wendy Wolf, I learned that anger can be used to be a healing force in my energy work. It was like this great big hallelujah door opened - Anger! Come on in! I don’t have to hate you! Let’s do this thang.

So! I thought I would share a little energy tool I use in working with anger in a productive way. I’m keeping this fairly simple - I recommend working with an energy practitioner if you really want to get down and dirty with using anger energy. For those of us who were taught that anger was bad, this exercise might be a little scary, so do start small, and feel free to reach out for help.

First! We always like to ground. Gets you anchored to the world, connected to your physical body, and creates a sense of safety (which is important if you are playing with anger). To do this, imagine or feel or intend a cord going down all the way to the center of the earth. This can look like a tube, a beam of light, a waterfall, a rope, or whatever feels good to you. Sometimes I like to imagine it as one of those old-school pneumatic tubes.

Next! I like to throw out the junk. I encourage any old/negative/yuck/other people’s energy down that tube to be recycled. Give myself a nice clean out.

Now, digging into the anger. At your root chakra (which is at your perineum as Rosalie likes to say, I just like to think of it as at the base of your spine/underneath your torso/bum area), imagine or feel or intend a red energy, and that energy is anger. Now imagine that red angry energy running up your spinal column like a red river, spouting out the top of your head like a fountain. It then circles back to below you where it started, and then runs back up again. As it flows, it is cleaning out all the gunk and muck that has gotten lodged in your body and chakra system, and purging it away.

You might find this a struggle to visualize. This might feel weird or hard. That’s okay! Just intend it - your being is able to do things easier than your mind can conceive of. Just trust yourself and do your best. And relax, for fuck’s sake. This isn’t world peace we are making happen, this is just playing with energy.

If you can visualize this, see what color it looks like - for me the first time it looked like a rusty red, which showed me that there was old anger energy that was stuck. I felt some of the emotion bubble up as well. But instead of grabbing onto it or shoving it away, I just let it flow through me. As I continued to circle this energy it started to clear and become brighter, and I felt lighter and cleaner. The color and experience you have might help you understand a bit more about the role anger is playing in your life.

Wrap it all up by imaging/feeling/intending a bright light above your head, full of love and rainbows and unicorns, and your highest best energy. Now have it flow into the top of your head like a light, or like water, or like honey - again, do your woo! Whatever works for you! Have it fill up your body and your whole being.

Finally, close it up for giving a thank you to anger, that it helps to protect you, empower you, and keep you safe.

Let us know how this went! Or if you have more questions that we haven’t covered, holler at us at

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