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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ko-fi page,

What the hell is ko-fi page? I’m so happy that you asked.

Ko-fi is a site that enables you, our most beloved listeners, to support our podcast, and we give you some tidbits in exchange! It’s similar to Patreon, which you may have heard us plugging on the show. But! Now you have more options: you can help out just once or be a monthly subscriber. You can donate the suggested amount ($5), or whatever you damn well please. We wanted to give y'all a bit more flexibility if a monthly commitment is not your thang or being locked into a set amount. We truly are delighted by everything and any way you are able to show your podcast love.

People who support us with a one-time contribution of ANY amount will have access for a full month to bonus content. Like:

  • The first 2 episodes we ever recorded (don't you want to know what we have to say about aliens?)

  • Jillian's Nostradamus Corner (making her wackadoo predictions)

  • Choral corner! Also known as Jillian and Rosalie singing (badly)

  • Audio that we cut from episodes because we went way over an hour of recording time (we do like to talk)

  • Blooper reels

  • And anything else we come up with that we want to share with you! We promise to post new content at least once a month.

Those who support us on a monthly basis (again, you chose your monthly amount!) become magical Subscribers. Subscribers get access to bonus content AND a virtual meet and greet with the hosts a few times a year. Come and talk about some woo shit with us!

It turns out that making a podcast isn't cheap. This is what your support is paying for:

  • Website hosting

  • Podcast hosting - the business that stores our episodes and distributes them to all the podcast players out there

  • Equipment

  • Legal fees

  • Licensing

  • Logo design

  • Marketing

  • Our time - recording, editing, writing, researching, accounting... the list goes on. No seriously, we have over 100 tasks on our to do list

  • Miscellaneous things that come up periodically

Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to us and helps us to keep generating new episodes for your listening pleasure.

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