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a metaphysical comedy podcast

About Shit My Souls Says
A metaphysical comedy podcast

Join hosts Rosalie and Jillian on a delightful romp through the world of alternative spirituality. A practicing witch and a reincarnation life coach, the many-lives-long friends explore all things woo, from spirit guides to tarot to make your own magic, while managing to stay surprisingly grounded. Mostly. If you’re interested in divination, past lives, ghosts, astrology, or anything else the DSM-5 classifies as “bonker-balls,” Rosalie and Jillian have heard of it, tried it, or tried to have sex with it - and they’re here to entertain you by talking about it. Sure, they also hope this podcast teaches you something new and maybe helps you grow as a person, but mostly they want you to spit-laugh your ass off with two souls just as woo as you.

Rosalie Forrest
Co-host of Shit My Soul Says

Once dubbed Queen of the Pagans, Rosalie has been marinating in the world of woo for over 20 years, if not 20 lifetimes. While she has some vague ideas of what she got up to in past lives, in this one she's a practicing witch and tarot reader, and a recovering acupuncturist.


Rosalie is all about supporting you in your spiritual endeavors and offers life readings, guided meditations, and skill-building sessions to put some pep in your spiritual life. You can find out more about what she gets up to off the mic at Rosalie or reach out to her at 

Jillian Harrington
Co-host of Shit My Soul Says

HR lady by day, Jillian has to get all her cursing out off the clock. This might explain why she likes to say shit so much: she learned long ago that being the inappropriate HR person might get employees to laugh, but it also goes in your permanent record.

Jillian is also a reincarnation coach, offering programs that will help you crack open what you need to learn in life to get over the drama holding you back and get into a life on purpose. Find out more at or reach out to her at

Rachel Evans
Creative Director of Shit My Soul Says

Rachel is the brilliant mind that takes all of Rosalie and Jillian's rambling thoughts and chit chat, and helps to craft the engaging stories that end up in the Shit My Soul Says podcast. Master of many things, she also oversees marketing strategy and efforts, including wrangling the wonderful world of social media.


Rachel is a rockstar. She might not admit it, but Rosalie and Jillian both know the truth. She is the master content strategist and storyteller behind the curtain. 

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