Jillian spreads her …. tarot.

In our episode Tarot Shit: sometimes the cards tell you to fuck off, I talked about a few of my favorite spreads that I created, and I want to share them with YOU, so that you can play along at home!

A few reminders~

  • Focus on your question while shuffling. If you start thinking about something else, that is what the cards will respond to

  • Remember that the cards aren’t in isolation - they are having a little party, so read them as if they are a story. Think about how blending the cards together tells its own little sentence. Brew it up!

  • Listen to your intuition or inner guidance. If you are using a book to help interpret, and the description in the book doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Look at the cards and think about what the symbolism means to you in relation to your question.

  • If you feel stuck, that’s ok. Reading your own cards can be tricky for a lot of people. The more you practice, the easier it will become!

Okay, ready? Here we go!

Pick-Your-Path Spread

This spread is great if you want to take a peek at different paths that you could take in reaction to a particular situation. It’s a real door number 1, door number 2, door number 3 kinda read.

Lay the cards out in the order in the diagram. Here’s what each means in that particular place:

1: This is the situation you are facing

2: This is the challenge you are dealing with in that situation

3: Here’s action #1 you can take

4: Outcome if you take action #1

5: Here’s action #2 you can take

6: Outcome if you take action #2

7: Here’s action #3 you can take

8: Outcome if you take action #3

If you want to layout more paths (action #4, 5, etc.), you certainly can give it a shot. I’ve typically kept it to three, because there does seem to be something magical to three choices.

Okay, now on to….

Jillian’s Cross

Or at least I guess that is what I’d call it, since it is my take on the Celtic Cross. You can call it whatever the fuck you like! But this is my go-to spread so I put my name on it.

And here is how you read it!

1: The heart of the matter, the sitch if you will

2: External influences on the situation

3: The action that you will want to take or consider

4: The lesson that you are working on learning in this situation (Tip! Focus here if you want to really make an impact on your situation)

5: The potential outcome of the situation if you take the suggested path of action

6, 7, 8: These are the cards I threw in because I wanted MORE. They don’t have any designated significance, but rather highlight a few more aspects or outcomes to the situations. These are there to give things a bit more 3 dimensional depth. Tap into your intuition or the messages you are getting to see how you want to read these into the spread. If the idea of these three extra cards is confusing or overwhelming - no worries! Go ahead and skip them until you feel ready.

The Tarot + Astrology = Magic Spread

This layout blends astrology & tarot, where you lay a card out in each of the astrological houses. This is the spread I did at the beginning of 2020, where I got the fucking Tower in my 4th house, the astrological house of home, and made me flip out. But then, yeah, the Tower (everything goes down in flames) kind of sums up 2020. Here’s to no Tower in 2021!!!

Here’s briefly what each of those pie slices correspond with - what aspects of your life each house rules. So in doing the layout you might want to focus on the next month or the next year, and then each card will give you a flavor of what is to come in that area of your life.

1: Self

2: Material Wealth

3: Your Peeps

4: Home

5: Romance & Creativity

6: Health & Daily LIfe

7: Committed Partnerships

8: Transformations & Sex

9: Travel

10: Career & Public Roles

11: Humanitarianism / Your Offer to the World

12: Hidden Life & Psychic Abilities

And there you have it! My favorite ways to spread my cards.

You have any favorite spreads? Or perhaps a question we can answer on an upcoming episode? Shoot your shit at us at shitmysoulsays@gmail.com, or comment on our blog post!

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